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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Is In Ghana



Twitter Co-founder Jack Dorsey, is in Ghana now, in a post on Twitter he tweeted “Hello Ghana”

The Twitter Boss Jack Dorsey is on a mission, A mission which is top secret, jack dorsey itinerary is still very much unknown, but what we do know for sure is he will be meeting with a lot of tech key players in the country.

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One of the many speculations is that Dorsey plans to introduce his mobile payment company Square to various entrepreneurs and the African market.

Bean Stew, Jollof Rice, and Shito Sauce

Jack Dorsey meeting with a Bitcoin Company here in Ghana called: Bitsika

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Apple WWDC 2019



The Apple WWDC 2019 keynote saw the overhauled Mac Pro and an epically bright Apple Pro Display XDR debut, along with iOS 13 dark mode, the new iPadOS and an Apple Watch App Store that’s actually on the watch, WWDC 2019 was a lot different than the single-OS conference of 20 years ago and a new experience for some.

Here are some top highlights from this Apple WWDC 2019:

iOS 13 for iPhone
Experience a dramatic new look with Dark Mode. Explore fun and functional updates to Photos, Maps, Messages, and more. As well as new features to help you manage your privacy and security.

iPhones everywhere will get a boost when Apple delivers iOS 13 to your iPhone when it launches this fall. The new features, announced at Apple’s annual WWDC developer conference this week.

Experience a dramatic new look with Dark Mode. Explore fun and functional updates to Photos, Maps, Messages, and more. As well as new features to help you manage your privacy and security features like Sign in with Apple and the ability to customize Memoji avatars.

Apple’s announcement of iOS 13’s key features is just the beginning. As Apple often holds back some surprises that are tired to the big iPhone reveal. (There may be more features still to come).


Mac Pro
Introducing the most configurable, expandable, and powerful Mac ever. Designed and engineered to meet the diverse demands of professionals, Mac Pro is built for total flexibility and utility.

Apple has debuted the new Mac Pro — a dramatically retooled version of its flagship desktop computer that had not been significantly updated since 2013 — on Monday at WWDC. The new $5,999 (in other words this cost Ghc32,000 plus Ghana cedis) entry-level configuration features an eight-core Xeon processor, 32GB of RAM, a Radeon Pro 580X graphics card and a 256GB SSD, and will start shipping in the fall, Apple also announced a new 6K Retina display.

Here is there 2019 Mac Pro’s specs:
Stainless steel frame that offers 360-degree interior access
Up to 28-core Intel Xeon with 300 watts of power
Up to 1.5TB of system memory
8 PCIe expansion slots
Radeon Pro Vega II Duo or Radeon Pro 580X graphics cards
Support for up to 2 MPX modules, which feature Thunderbolt support and 500 watts of power
Afterburner graphics ASIC: can process 6 billion pixels per second, can playback 3 streams of 8K RAW
Two Thunderbolt 3 ports
Two USB-A ports
3.5mm audio minijack
PCIe, DisplayPort and power
Two built-in 10GB Ethernet ports


MacOS Catalina

Big news for the Mac laptop is getting a huge refresh this fall, thanks to Catalina, the next version of MacOS that Apple will ship this fall. With it, Apple replaces the iTunes app with three separate apps (Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple TV)

The macOS Catalina update will also let Mac users run iPad apps they can download through the Mac App Store, and use an iPad as a second screen, much in the way you might use a monitor. Apple may have unveiled MacOS Catalina at its annual WWDC event for developers, but the implications touch nearly every Mac owner around the world.

For more details on Apple WWDC 2019 on to Apple to get all the details of all products features.

You can watch the full highlight Here: Apple WWDC 2019


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