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Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 Standard


Microsoft Sharepoint 2019 Standard – 1 Device CAL

Microsoft SharePoint is a comprehensive platform that allows users to store, organize, share, and access information while creating new websites and applications. With a Microsoft SharePoint 2019 Standard Device CAL, a device is granted access to a number of SharePoint features, including SharePoint Sites, Communities, Content, and Search. Order 1 Microsoft SharePoint 2019 Standard Device CAL here at Trusted Tech Team and take advantage of free installation support from us, a Microsoft Silver partner.


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Aggregated Newsfeed

The aggregated newsfeed feature (available at newsfeed.aspx and typically accessed via the Newsfeed tile on the app launcher), will be set to read-only in SharePoint Server 2019. Both the tile in the app launcher and the option to implement the newsfeed capability will also be removed from this version forward. For customers who are currently using the aggregated newsfeed, we recommend considering options such as Team News, Communication Sites, Yammer and/or Teams. Please note that the Site Feed feature on an individual site is not impacted and will continue to be supported across all versions of the product.

Custom Help

To ensure that users receive highly relevant help content, Microsoft is moving from away from our legacy on-premises SharePoint help engine, which is based on help collections being installed in the on-prem farm. The new SharePoint help system is now rendered in the cloud and will have updated, synchronized content with Office 365. Custom help based on the legacy SharePoint help engine will remain supported, but deprecated, for the SharePoint Server 2019 release.

Groove Sync Client

The Groove sync client is our client for syncing documents between your personal devices and SharePoint Server 2010, 2013, and 2016 Team sites. SharePoint Server 2019 introduces support for the new OneDrive Sync Client (a.k.a. the Next Generation Sync Client), which provides a more reliable and feature-rich syncing experience. If Groove detects that your existing sync relationships are to a site that has been upgraded to SharePoint Server 2019, it will attempt to migrate those sync relationships to the OneDrive Sync Client. Administrators can control this migration experience.

The Groove sync client will remain supported, but deprecated, for the SharePoint Server 2019 release.

InfoPath Services

As we announced in the Microsoft 365 blog, InfoPath Services is a deprecated feature and customers are advised to explore alternatives for this feature. InfoPath Services will remain supported, but deprecated, for the SharePoint Server 2019 release.

There will not be a new InfoPath client shipped with this release. Microsoft will ensure that the InfoPath 2013 client will work with SharePoint Server 2019 for the remainder of the client support lifecycle (2026). InfoPath 2013 client will not be supported beyond that timeframe.


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